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Fantasy (57) - All designs

1.  Spook

2.  Witch
A witch on a broom flying. She flies towards the west.

3.  Wizard
A magician. In his left hand he holds a wizard staff down. In his left hand a potion.

4.  unicorn
unicorn who jumps

5.  Clown mask
Clown mask with small hat and huge tie

6.  mermaid with fish
mermaid with fish

7.  Robot

8.  Litte man
Smiling man, as in comic drawings may be used.

9.  Kabouter
A gnome, which is a mushroom

10.  Dragon
A dragon with fire comes from both nostrils.

11.  Alien
An alien is a weird alien.

12.  Ufo
A UFO, which is governed by an alien

13.  Feniks

14.  Hippo Grief
Hippo Grief. A creature with 4 legs of a bird of prey and hind legs of a horse.

15.  House Elf
House eleven

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