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1.  Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z

2.  Gossip
Gossip, in her right hand. Her long braids hanging to her belly. Gossip plays in the series Kabouter Plop.

3.  Kabouter Plop
Kabouter Plop in a tray with three mugs. He happily moves around. His right foot is also up.

4.  Plop House
The house where the family lives Plop. It is a type of mushroom. Surrounded by grass.

5.  Pinocchio

6.  Pippi Longstocking
Pippi Longstocking, which sits on a chair. Her legs wide apart and her feet inside. Her braids are under an angle of 90 degrees and her hands supporting her head. Her elbows are on its knees.

7.  Ali baba
Ali Baba, with a spear in his right hand and a horn in his left. On his head he has a strange turban.

8.  Jasmine
Jasmine, a character from the movie 'Aladdin'

9.  Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny want to eat a carrot.

10.  Nemo - Dory
The movie is Nemo the fish Dory

11.  Porky
Porky the pig from the movie 'The Looney Tunes. "

12.  Taz
Taz, a character from the Looney Tunes. " It is a strong beast, this is also seen in the picture. He stretches his arms and his sharp teeth he bites together.

13.  Speedy
Speedy Gonzales is a very fast mouse from the Looney Tunes. " He comes from Mexico and is always with a big hat on his head.

14.  Sylvester
Sylvester the cat out of the Looney Tunes. " Just as in everyday life is the cat (Sylvester) against the poor, but smart bird (Tweety) to.

15.  Tweety
Tweety, the best known figure from the Looney Tunes. " It is a smart bird with three hairs on his head

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