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World Culture (67) - All designs

1.  Pyramid

2.  Tutankhamen
A mask of Tutankhamen, an Egyptian pharaoh

3.  Chinese wall
Top left is the mountain landscape is visible. The Chinese wall runs from left to right.

4.  Rome: the Colosseum
The Colosseum has a circumference of 527 meters, the height of the Colosseum is 57 meters, it has 80 inputs and for about 50,000 spectators. The Colosseum is but one reason put down, the people providing entertainment. Now it is still used to entertain people but to offer a very different way. Looked past them to the fighting gladiators, now they look to the building itself. The Colosseum was built in 72 AD. Emperor Vespasian, the contract to build the largest amphitheater in Rome.

5.  Palace Guard
Palace Guard from England

6.  cheese girl
This is a typical Dutch cheese girl! With one mill left and right behind a cloud.

7.  roman

8.  clogs with a carnation
This is a few clogs with a carnation in it. Typical Dutch

9.  Chinese wall
Chinese wall 6200 miles long

10.  Liberty
Liberty in New York this

11.  big ben
That is the great big ben he is in London

12.  siva Judaism

13.  Afrikaans mask
Afrikaans mask

14.  Indian dancer
Indian dancer

15.  kimono
Chinese kimono

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