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Trees (29) - Botanical - All designs

1.  Branch
Tak with its three leaves

2.  Appelboom

3.  Chestnut Leaf
Chestnut Leaf

4.  Oak leaf
Oak Tree miniata

5.  Maple Leaf veins without
Maple Leaf veins without

6.  Sheet

7.  Palmboom

8.  with different types o...
with different types of oak leaves

9.  Canadian poplar with l...
Canadian poplar with leaves and fruit

10.  acacia trees with leav...
acacia trees with leaves and fruit

11.  acacia and birch
acacia and birch, both half-leaf and semi-naked

12.  beech with leaves and ...
beech with leaves and fruit

13.  Tree

14.  2 oak leaf with acorn
2 oak leaf with acorn. The jerk overlap the blade slightly and has been called 'hat

15.  boom

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