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1.  differences in search ...
differences in search 3 mill

2.  Berend bone
Berend bone in the boat. with three different

3.  3 search differences
find the 3 differences

4.  Pisa
This is the tower of Pisa

5.  Goats

6.  make your own easterba...
make your own easterbasket. Fold the glue strips and glue together!

7.  same or different?
same or different? On the basis of a square as a reference. The difference is a larger rectangle or square.

8.  same or different?
same or different? The reference is a circle. The differences make an oval or circle size.

9.  kangaroo with young in...
kangaroo with young in pouch

10.  dolphin

11.  Tractor
A tractor to drive right

12.  Castle
A castle with a drawbridge, which is extended. You look through the entrance, as it were in the castle. It has two small towers next to the entrance. And three towers that stand behind it. They have pointed ends and have a flag in their top ...

13.  teapot
classical teapot with the spout to the right

14.  Vork

15.  Fireman
A firefighter with a hose in his two hands.

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